: Small or Large? 

  • Small Group Size : A small group is comprised of no more than 10 individual travelers.
  • Medium Group Size : A medium group is comprised of 10 to 20 individual travelers.
  • Large Group Size : A large group is comprised of 20 or more individual travelers.


Benefits of Joining A Group?


  • Cost Effective : It is cheaper to travel in larger numbers, not to mention the safety benefits that come with travelling to new destinations in a group. You have a better chance of getting discounts than you would as a lone ranger.
  • Personal Attention of Guide : Smaller groups allow for more time at each site and greater personal attention from your tour guide.
  • Questions and Answers : At Grassroot Tours we enjoy our time of “Nkomo” – a period in the day where the group gets a chance to relive their days adventure and share opinions as a collective group.
  • Lasting Friendships : You will never feeling like a part of the crowd with Grassroot Tours. Our tours are created to promote camaraderie and relationship building. The adventures we provide often result in lasting friendships.

Airline Package:

  • Reduced Airfares : your group will qualify for special group reduced fares.

Group Starter Pack

If you are interested in receiving our Group Starter Pack, please contact us.