Upper East Region Ghana

This region is found North Eastern Ghana and it is marked for its diverse cultures and history and the communal spirit among its communities. It contributes the second smallest land mas among the 10 administrative regions of the country.

Popular Tourist Sites in Upper East Region of Ghana

Paga Crocodile Pond

The only thing that kills the crocodiles here is natural death. There is never a death that was caused by a human. This is because the crocodiles here are forbidden to be hunted, harmed or killed. The people of Paga believe that these crocodiles are somehow connected to the spirit of their ancestors. That is why the crocodiles are regarded as being sacred in the community. Also, these people make sure that these crocodiles are fed by offering them sacrifices of live fowls. The crocodiles have in turn learned to live I harmony with the people as they do not harm them. However, this is not to say that the crocodiles are not dangerous. There is just something about the crocodiles of Paga and the people of Paga. Theirs is an unusual friendship.

Paga Crocodile | Grassroot Tours

Navrongo Cathedral

This church is one of Ghana's oldest ones. Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Cathedral was built in 1906 by the Europeans. The walls of the cathedral was built with mud and that is the reason why it is sometimes called the mud cathedral. On the inside, it looks like many other Catholic churches with pictures of events in the time of Jesus are pasted on the wall. Being one of the oldest churches in the country, the people that visit it aren't all there to worship. Many of them are tourists who have come to feast their eyes on that ancient piece of beauty.

Navrongo Cathedral

Bolgatanga Market

The most popular product you'll find at the Bolgatanga market are straw woven baskets, called Bolga Baskets, when it isn't the farming season. When it is the farming season, you'll find many agricultural products there. Apart from those two, many other products are being sold at the Bolgatanga Market.

Bolgatanga Market Ghana

Tongo Hills And Tenzug Shrines

The things that make the Tongo community a popular tourist attraction site are their festivals, the Tenzug Shrine and the whispering rocks. The people of Tongo are a deeply traditional people and they often worship at the shrine. The shrine is believed to grant good luck and prosperity to its visitors. The Tongo Hills are also known for their many astounding, natural rock formations.

tongo hills ghana