Akwaaba to your dream vacation! Grassroots Tours Ghana presents the best in terms of priceless adventures involving African culture and guarantees an unmatchable service delivery alongside a terrific and complete African experience.
Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. Your contract is with Grassroot Tours Ghana Limited, Registered Company no BN00MNX2015 referred to as ‘the Company’, whose registered office P. O. Box 8 HNO 280, Tamale, Ghana. Any references made to ‘You’ or ‘Your’ in these conditions refer to the person or persons whose details are on the booking form and are whom these booking conditions apply. These conditions detail the entire agreement that You have with the Company.


When you finally pick a date for your planned holiday and you are prepared to book, you will need to fill out a booking form which can be obtained from our website or requested. Upon completion, this can then be mailed to us.

For payment purposes, your deposit should be wired into our Ghana account details below:

Beneficiary Bank Address: STARLETS 91 ROAD ACCRA
Beneficiary: Account Number: 0120230909431
Routing Code: 280801

The total deposit amount is $50 or 250.00 Ghana Cedis per person which is the cost of the tour in addition to any more excursions you would like to book in advance. When your booking form and deposit are received, you will get a confirmation invoice from the company which implies that we now have a legally binding contract. Concerning the invoice, you would need to ensure that all details included are accurate. If otherwise, you would need to contact the company in writing right away. The terms and conditions of the contract are accepted by whoever makes the booking and represent everybody that consists of the party or group. Upon confirmation, you will get a detailed trip itinerary that includes all the gear you would need on your tour courtesy of the company.


After the deposit, the tour price balance has a 15-day window of payment before the date of your departure. The company has the power to cancel your holiday, withhold your deposit, and apply cancellation charges where suitable if the balance is not paid in time or proper notice is not given. As a disclaimer, no reminders will be sent. Similarly, the full tour amount is to be paid if your booking comes in less than ten days before the date of departure.


In case you decide to cancel your holiday, the signatory to the booking form must notify the company in writing immediately. Cancellation with a refund is effective from the date of receipt of your notification. Deposit forfeiture comes into play when the cancellation occurs 10 days or more before the departure date. When cancellation is done less than 10 days before the date of departure, charges involved are as follows: Period before departure during which written notification is received by us, Cancellation charge shown as a percentage of total tour price
10 days or more before departure date – Loss of deposit
7 days before departure date -50%
10- 5 days before departure date -75%
3 days or less before the departure date -100%
The total tour price also comprises the total cost of any booked extras during the trip. As a recommendation, the company suggests that you take out an insurance policy that covers cancellation charges when you are booking.


Cancellation of any trip at any point in time pending the departure date is something that the company reserves a right to do. If this occurs, you are entitled to receive a different trip with similar benefits. However, if you do not like this, your money will be refunded to you in full (except in the case that the cancellation occurred because you didn’t follow the right procedures for payment as stated above).
Upon cancellation of your trip by the company, we are not responsible for any costs or losses that you might have incurred including vaccinations, expenses, visa fees, consequential losses, and other travel costs.


If you make any changes to your travel itinerary or requirements, these would be accepted provided you have notified us at least 5 days before the departure date by writing. The company only occurs on the date that the company receives the written document. Therefore, any costs that arise as a result of the change would be borne by you.
Also, you would be charged $50 to cover all administrative costs that the alteration would involve. This administrative charge is a fixed cost that applies even if your itinerary cannot be changed. Any changes that occur within 5 days of departure will be regarded as trip cancellation and the cancellation charges will come into play. Trip switch requests must be made at least 15 days before the departure date. If the Company agrees to the request to switch trips, the Company has the right to deduct 10% of the value for the first booking price paid as administration costs. If there is any balance to pay, you would be solely responsible in line with the payment procedures stated above.

i) The Company has the right to alter any services, prices, or facilities described in the brochure before a booking is made. In case this happens, you will be notified before your booking gets confirmed.

ii) Although the company would try everything within its powers to ensure that the tours are exactly as stated, the company still reserves the right to make certain changes or alterations if needed. You would get notifications in the event of minor changes (including flight durations, varied departure times, or altered itineraries up to 10% of the tour duration) as reasonably possible before the date of departure. This is however not an accepted reason for canceling a trip. If there are major changes (which implies a change that affects 10% or more of the flight duration), the Company will let you know via writing to notify you of options available to you including choosing some other arrangement, going on a different available trip or getting your deposit back in full. Upon receipt of a notification like this, you must reply in writing within a 7-day window.

iii) There would be no compensation or acceptance of liability that would exceed the options listed above where the company has no choice but to modify or cancel your trip because of ‘force majeure’ which includes activities like war, war threats, fire, adverse weather conditions, civil unrest, terrorist activity, industrial action, strikes, man-made or natural disasters among other events that are beyond the control of the company.


The price that you pay for your holiday booking does not cover flights to your destination. It is your sole responsibility to arrange for your transport to Ghana. Trip prices are quoted in USD. The Company has the right to modify trip prices and includes surcharges due to adverse exchange rate movements, increases in aviation costs (including fuel), or due to government action up to 15 days before the trip. The company would be responsible for exchange rate fluctuations up to 2% of trip costs without including insurance costs. If it is more than 2% of the trip cost, you would be solely responsible for the additional trip costs. Where any surcharge increases the cost of a trip by 10% or more, You reserve the right to cancel the booking within 10 days of notification of the increase and get a full refund on the holiday, without the inclusion of any amendment charge.


You agree and accept that traveling in Ghana calls for flexibility and there is an opening for alternatives. The trip outline given by the Company should be seen as guiding a group aim rather than Company contractual obligations. Therefore, there might be changes in schedules, routes, facilities, hotels, and methods of travel that may be modified due to unforeseen reasons. When alternative accommodation is used, it would be on par with the original accommodation in terms of quality. For services not used, there would be no refunds given.


When taking a Grassroot Tours Ghana trip, travel insurance is compulsory. Travel insurance must cover personal accidents, death, medical expenses, and repatriation costs, including air ambulance and helicopter rescue. The Company makes a recommendation that you should extend your cover to include cancellation, curtailment, loss of effects, and all other expenses that may arise in connection with loss, damage, injury, or other inconveniences. Also, you should make sure that you do not make exclusion clauses that place limits on the cover for the activities in your trip itinerary. This implies that you need to have some insurance in place. The Company has the right to cancel your booking before the departure date if not certain that you have adequate insurance coverage in place. The Company would need to see documented proof of the insurance coverage a minimum of two weeks before the date of departure.


When you are booking, you have taken into consideration and accepted all the potential hazards and risks that adventure travel involves and you affirm that you are physically and mentally fit to embark on the trip you chose. Some risks may include injury, sickness and disease, remoteness from medical services, loss or damage to property, discomfort, and inconvenience, and extreme weather conditions. You acknowledge that you decide to travel to this destination that you are aware of this information, alongside any Foreign Office advice, and that you are ready to take responsibility for the personal risks that may be involved.