8 Days Leisure and Luxury Tours in Ghana

Day 1: Arrival in Accra - Arrive in Accra and check in at a luxury hotel - Relax and unwind after your journey - Enjoy a welcome dinner at a high-end restaurant in Accra - Overnight in Accra   Day 2: City Tour and Nightlife in Accra - Explore the city on a guided tour, visiting Independence Square, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, and Makola Market - Enjoy a traditional Ghanaian lunch at a local restaurant - Experience the vibrant nightlife of Accra with visits to popular nightclubs - Overnight in Accra   Day 3: Beach Day in Accra - Spend the day relaxing at Labadi Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Accra - Enjoy water sports activities or simply soak up the sun - Have a beachside lunch at a seaside restaurant - Evening at leisure, you may choose to explore more of the city or relax at the hotel - Overnight in Accra   Day 4: Akosombo Lake Volta - Transfer to Akosombo and check in at a luxury resort overlooking Lake Volta - Enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Volta, taking in the scenic views - Relax by the pool or indulge in spa treatments at the resort - Dinner at the resort's restaurant with lake views - Overnight at Akosombo   Day 5: Relaxation and Leisure - Enjoy a leisurely day at the resort, making use of the facilities and enjoying the serene surroundings - Optional activities may include fishing, kayaking, or nature walks - Relax and rejuvenate with a spa treatment - Gourmet dinner at the resort's fine dining restaurant - Overnight at Akosombo   Day 6: Cape Coast Exploration - Transfer to Cape Coast and visit Cape Coast Castle, a historic UNESCO World Heritage site - Explore the colonial architecture and learn about Ghana's history - Lunch at a local restaurant in Cape Coast - Visit the Cape Coast Fish Market for a glimpse of local life - Return to Accra in the evening - Overnight in Accra   Day 7: Shopping and Cultural Experience - Visit the Arts and Crafts Market in Accra for local souvenirs and artifacts - Explore the bustling markets and street vendors for a taste of local culture - Participate in a traditional Ghanaian dance or drumming workshop - Farewell dinner at a top restaurant in Accra - Overnight in Accra   Day 8: Departure - Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the hotel - Relax or do some last-minute shopping before your departure - Transfer to the airport for your flight back home This itinerary is designed to combine leisure, luxury, cultural experiences, and exploration of some of the best attractions in Ghana, providing you with a memorable and enriching trip. Enjoy your time in Ghana!       

10 Days Tour of the Savannah Region in Ghana

Detailed Description of the Places you will visit in Ghana during this 10 days Tour This tour promises to be one of a kind as there will be visits to many interesting places. We will take you on tour around the country's capital, Accra, before going up north to Tamale, Wa, and Bolgatanga. We will take you to see the evidence of the cruel slave trade periods, such as slave markets and slave defense walls. We will take you to see the almighty hippos at their sanctuary, pay a visit to the crocodiles of Paga, have fun at wildlife sightings and visit ancient churches and mosques. 

Day 1- Accra Arrivals

Firstly, your tour guide will pick you up at Kotoka International be retiring for the night. If you get the real Airport and drive you to your hotel where you early, an orientation program will be organized for you to get you familiarized with the environment and give you mouth-watering tips on where the tour will be taking you to. 

Day 2-  Accra City Tour

You have a whole day go round Accra to see important monuments at the Independence Square and Kwame Nkrumah Monument. You will visit the Makola market and maybe grab yourself some souvenirs if you want. Jamestown is also a place to visit while W.E.B., Du Bois Center and the beautiful Oxford street in Osu will also be visited.

Day 3- Fly to Tamale, Rural Village, Slave Market, Slave Defence Wall

You will return to the airport today to fly to Tamale this morning. You will arrive in time to visit Sognaayilli culture village where you will witness some really fascinating cultures and traditions. Your tour guide will lead to Saakpuli slave market where you will be told about the hard life of slaves in the past. Later in the day, you'll travel to see what is left of the Naa Jaringa slave defense wall at Nalerigu. It is said that the wall was built out of stones, mud, milk and honey.

Day 4- Gambaga Escarpment, Rooftop Home, Sacred Tenzug

As soon as you have had your breakfast, you will be paying a visit to the tallest point of the Gambaga Early located at Nakpanduri. This Escarpment is actually as tall as 336meters above sea level. You will proceed to Bolgatanga after lunch. On your way, you will make a stop at a Zaaya mud house at Wulugu. On getting to Bolgatanga, you will visit the Tongo shrine. The shrine is said to bless its visitors with prosperity and power. A visit will also be paid to Ba'ar Tonna'ab shrine. 

Day 5- Art Village, Historic Bongo Hills, Bolgatanga The morning will guide you on a visit to Sirigu where you'll meet the craftswomen who are experts at pottery, basket weaving and symbolic wall decorations. You will visit Bolgatanga craft market where you'll see the Apostles statues along Bazaar road.

In the evening, you will get to hike along the Bongo hills. You will also be gifted with a nice view of the whole community and the big Baobab trees in the place. 

Day 6- Sacred Crocodile Ponds, Pia Palace, Pikworo Slave Camp, Cathedral

You will embark on a journey to Paga in the morning as soon as you've had your breakfast. At Paga, you will see how crocodiles are being treated with respect. These crocodiles are therefore never hunted, killed or harmed. Instead, they are well taken care of. The former slave camp at Pikworo will also be visited where you will be told the story of how slaves were auctioned before being sold at the Salaga slave market. You will then leave Paga for Navrongo on a tour of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Cathedral and Grotto built with mud bricks. An end comes to the day at this point. 

Day 7- Gwallo Slave Wall, Gbele Resource Reserve, Ancient Mosque

You will visit the place where they do bone setting at Tumu before continuing to Gbele Resource Reserve for wildlife sighting where you'll get to see fascinating animals like the roan antelope, hartebeest, Savannah duikers and many more. On getting to Wa later in the day, you will visit the 15th-century mosque at Nakori.

Day 8 – Hippo Sanctuary, Lobi Tribe, Ancient Mosque, Mole National Park

A visit to the Hippo Sanctuary at Wechiau is the first thing you'll do this morning. You can decide to stay offshore and watch the hippos from afar or you can take a canoe on the Black Volta River to see the hippos more clearly. At this same place, you can pass time birding or watching chameleons and monitor lizards among the forest. When you're done with this, you will proceed into Wechiau village where you'll get to meet the Lobi tribe. This tribe is popular for its fascinating architectural creativity and their very unique and uncommon traditions. You will be told a lot of things about these pretty interesting people before proceeding to the final destination of the day, Bole. You will have a tour of an ancient mosque here and many rooftop homes.  In getting to Mole National Park, you will go on a safari walk if it isn't too late before finally calling it a day. 

Day 9- Safari at Mole National Park, Mognori Eco-Village

As early as 6:30 am, you will go on a walk or drive through the park for wildlife sightings where you'll see fascinating animals like the buffalo, elephant, baboons, birds and many others. In the evening you will visit Mognori Eco-village where you'll get a village guided walk and a canoe safari on the Mole River before returning back to Mole Motel for the night. If you're back early there may be a Jeep drive safari for you before retiring completely fir the day.

Day 10- Larabanga Mosque, Tamale City Tour, Departure

On your way back to the airport for departure, you'll make a stop at Laribanga Mosque, the oldest mosque in all of West Africa. You will do a tour of Tamale when you get there. You will have an opportunity to visit the Tamale central market and Tamale central mosque, the biggest in Tamale. You will also visit leather processing sites where you'll see how leather products like bags and sandals are being made. Up next is a visit to a Shea butter processing shop before finally going.to the art market where you can get yourself some delightful souvenirs. You should be homebound afterward.