14 Days Ghana Wildlife, Culture and History Tour

Detailed Description of Vacation spots that you'll visit during 14 days Ghana Tour

This tour is a carefully combined package of the best Ghana has to offer you. You'll visit Accra, Shai Hills Wildlife Preserve and the Black Volta River before proceeding to see waterfalls, the Ashanti Kingdom, famous markets, slave castles, and many more places. You can be sure that this tour will make up the best moments of your life.

Day 1- Accra Arrivals

On your arrival at the airport, your tour guide will pick you up and take you to your lodge for the night. Assuming you get there on time, you will have an orientation program organized for you. On the first round of the city tour, you'll visit the resting place of the first president of this great country Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum. You'll then proceed to feed your eyes on the Independence Square where the Independence of the country was declared.

Day 2 – Shai Hills Resource Reserve, Bead Factory

This morning you will start your tour of Shai Hills Wildlife Preserve where you will find fascinating animals like zebras, Ostriches, bats, birds, baboons, and many others. You will later proceed to the bead factory and see how beads are being made. You can even get yourself a souvenir if you want before return to your lodge for the night near the Volta River.

Day 3 – Monkey Sanctuary, Wli

A visit to the see Mona monkeys at the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary is what you'll do as soon as you've had your breakfast this morning.

You will spend the night here so that you'll be ready for what comes your way the next day.

Day 4 – Wli Waterfalls- Tamale

You will hike along the Agumatsa Wildlife Reserve to feast your eyes on some animals in their habitats before going to have a look at the tallest waterfall in all of West Africa, the Wli waterfalls. The journey to Tamale comes next.

Day 5- Tamale, Mole National Park

Breakfast will meet you at Tamale after which you'll have a look at one of Africa's fastest-growing cities, visit the leather factory, the central mosque which happens to be the biggest in all of Tamale all before leaving for Mole National Park.

On getting to Mole Motel and after checking in, you'll join in the evening safari drive before having yourself an enjoyable time at the pool. Mole Motel also has nice viewpoints if you want to watch the sunset.

Day 6- Mole National Park, Mognori Eco-Village, Afternoon Safari

A walk around the national park gives you some time to. see animals that you most likely wouldn't see anywhere else. You will see baboons, buffaloes, antelopes, warthogs, birds and many, many more. A visit to Mognori eco-village will. come afterward where you'll get yourself a guided walk and a canoe Safari on the Mole River. The people of Mognori will also treat you to a scintillating cultural display before you return to your lodge at Mole Motel. If you get there in time you can get to watch the sunset while playing in the pool.

Day 7 – Kumasi- Kejetia Market

You will leave northern parts of the country to visit the home of the Ashantis in Kumasi. You will visit the Ketejia Market, the biggest open market in all of West Africa. The market always has traders from all of Ghana's neighboring countries and any give point in time. You will be driven to your hotel afterwards for dinner and a nice night rest.

Day 8 – Ashanti Craft Villages, Manhyia Palace

Put on your best behavior today because you'll be visiting the Royal King's Palace of the Ashanti Kingdom. On getting there, you'll be told about the vibrant history of the Ashantis. You'll then proceed to the crafts villages around Kumasi here you'll get to see how they make the kente cloth and where they stamp prints on clothes at Adinkra. You may even get your own prints if you want. You can also choose to visit the healing shrine before the day runs out.

Day 9 – Bobiri Butterfly Reserve

This day is all about butterflies. You will visit the Bobiri butterfly sanctuary, a place popular for having more than 400 different butterfly species and more than 100 different trees too. Some of these trees are actually over 300 hundred years old. Awesome, right?

Day 10 – Slave Cemetery, Elmina Castle, Posuban Shrine, Ft. San Jago

On your way to the coast this morning, you'll make a stop at the Assin Manso slave market and cemetery. This place was were slaves from Northern Ghana had their last baths before being finally shipped out of the country. You will also visit the Elmina Castle, built by the Europeans themselves during the period of the colonial masters.

Before calling it a day, you'll visit Posuban Shrines where you'll see fascinating architectural structures and statues. You'll also get to see Ft. San Jago that was built in the 1600s to protect the Elmina Castle from attacks. A visit to the fishing lagoon at Elmina wraps up your day.

Day 11 – Kakum National Park, Hans Cottage Botel, Beach Time

It is all about the adventure at the Kakum National Park as you'll get to walk on West Africa's only rainforest canopy walkway before you are given a tour of the forest.to teach you the cultural, medicinal and economic importance of the plants you'll find in the forest. Hans Cottage Botel is a place where you'll find crocodile ponds and you will. pay a visit to one of the ponds. You will move on to the Cape Coast Beach to relax or the rest of the day and prepare for the next day.

Day 12 – Beach Time, Kokrobite Beach Village, Culture Performance

You will again wake up to some nice time on the beach before you leave for a tour of the Posuban Shrine and marvel at its architectural structures before finally going to the Kokrobite Beach Village to settle at your beachside accommodation. One thing about Kokrobite is that you'll never have a shortage of fun and merrymaking as every weekend is a weekend to celebrate at the place. There are dances, music, cultural events, foods, and many more interesting activities.

Day 13 – Beach Day!

Today is all for lazying around on the beach. You have the whole day off o do anything you want, then when evening comes, you'll visit neighboring fishing villages where you will watch fishermen prepare for their evening adventure.

Day 14 – Beach morning, West Hills Mall, Departure

We hope you never get tired of the beach because you get some more beach time before finally leaving for Accra. On your way, you'll get to see the West Hill Malls, the beautiful Oxford street in Osu before you earn yourself a nice lunch. A visit to Makola Market comes next. The market is the biggest open market in Accra. Next visit to Jamestown in Accra and W.E.B Du Bois center. You'll be dropped off at the airport afterward for your departure.