Tour Description by Grassroot Tours Ghana

This cross border tour of Ghana-Togo-Benin takes you to rich in traditional and local beliefs, wildlife and voodoo practices, traditional drumming and dance and many more!

Day 1 –  Accra Arrival

Upon your arrival at the Kotoka International Airport. A member of Grassroot Tours Ghana will pick you up and a transfer to your hotel. Depending on your arrival time, there will be an orientation to prepare you for your adventure. Overnight in Accra

Day 2 – Accra City Tour 

This second day, you will take a tour of the country’s capital, Ghana. The 128 years old city has everything you could ever ask for in a modern city. It has bits and pieces from the past, grand architectural skills are put on display and there is no shortage of fun places to visit. You will visit Independence Square where the country first declared freedom from British rule. You will also visit the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, the final resting place of the first president of Ghana. Another interesting place to visit today is the Makola market where people all over Accra come to shop. You will also visit the W.E.B Du Bois Center for Pan African culture, Jamestown lighthouse, and fishing harbor. After lunch, you’ll visit the Arts Center where you can get yourself some souvenirs and finally, you will visit a fancy coffin shop in Teshie where coffins are made in various shapes and designs. You will return to your hotel afterward to retire for the night and prepare for the next day. Overnight in Accra

 Day 3 – Accra – Cape Coast

This morning after your breakfast, your driver/guide will depart to the Central Region. Upon arrival, you will visit the Cape Coast and Elmina Castles, also known as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Before calling it a day, you’ll visit Posuban Shrines where you’ll see fascinating architectural structures and statues. You’ll also get to see Ft. San Jago that was built in the 1600s to protect the Elmina Castle from attacks. A visit to the fishing lagoon at Elmina wraps up your day. Overnight in Cape Coast

Day 4- Kakum National Park

It is all about the adventure at the Kakum National Park as you will get to walk on West Africa’s only rainforest canopy walkway after you are given a tour of the forest to teach you the cultural, medicinal and economic importance of the plants you’ll find in the forest. Again today, Hans Cottage Botel is a place where you will find crocodile ponds and you will pay a visit to one of the ponds. You will move on to your beach accommodation to relax from the day and prepare for the next. Overnight in Cape Coast

Day 5 – Cape Coast – Kumasi

This morning, you will leave the coast to visit the home of the Ashantis, Kumasi. You will visit the Ketejia Market, the biggest open market in all of West Africa. The market always has traders from all of Ghana’s neighboring countries with the streets so busy where people sometimes are unable to walk due to human traffic. Next, put on your best behavior because you’ll be visiting the Royal King’s Palace of the Ashanti Kingdom. On getting there, you’ll be told about the vibrant history of the Ashantis. You’ll then proceed to the center for national culture where you are likely to see some drumming and dance activity going on. You can also shop around for souvenirs at the center. If you are lucky today, you may get to witness funerals of the Ashantis. Overnight in Kumasi

Day 6 -Kumasi- Akosombo

You will have an early start of the day with a visit to the Adinkra and Kente villages to see and learn how these beautiful clothes originated and are created. You will be able to buy some for yourself before setting off to Akosombo where you will settle into your lakeside accommodation. Overnight in Akosombo

Day 7- Akosombo Volta Region

This morning, you will visit the largest man-made lake in Ghana. A boat cruise on this lake will expose you to the beautiful environment through a bridge built across it. Mid-morning today, you will leave Akosombo to the Volta Region. First to Amedzofe, the highest settlement in Ghana where you will hike to the top of Mount Gemi. Next, you will drive to Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary to see and pet with Mona Monkeys who are part and parcel of the lives of the village people. Your driver/guide will take you on a 50-minute drive to Wli where you will settle tonight for after a busy day. Overnight in Volta Region

Day 8 – Wli, Ghana – Lome, Togo

This morning you will leave early and hike along the Agumatsa Wildlife Reserve to feast your eyes on some animals in their habitats before going to have a look at the tallest waterfall in all of West Africa, the Wli waterfalls. 

After breakfast, this morning is a departure for Togo’s capital Lome. Upon arrival, you will be assisted and taken to your hotel in Lome for orientation before the start of your trip in this city. Overnight in Lome

Day 9 – Togo, Lome

First after breakfast,  you will tour around the market in Assigame where various things are being sold. After the market tour comes a visit to the Monument de L’Independance. This was built as a tribute to Togo’s independence from France on April 27, 1960. The structure is composed of a human silhouette carved within it and surrounded by promenades, palm trees, manicured lawns, fountains and a black gold iron fence. After a good lunch, you will visit the Togo National Museum. It is located in the capital of Lomé. Founded in 1975, it houses ethnographical, cultural and artistic exhibits. Again today, you will drive to Agbodrafo to see slave dungeons. The city of Agbodrafo has been recognized as part of the “slave coast”. One can discover some vestiges of the past such as the “house of slaves” (Woold Home) or the well of chained ones. You will spend the night at a nearby hotel and rest for the day. Overnight in Lome    

Day 10- Togo Lome -Benin Cotonou

This morning after breakfast, you will leave for Togoville on an hour drive passing through Lake Lome and to Grand-Popo, Benin. Benin, a French-speaking West African nation and a birthplace of “voodoo” religion and home to the former Dahomey Kingdom from circa 1600-1900. In Grand Popo, you will visit Villa Karo. Villa Karo is a Finnish-African culture center and artist residency in the coastal village of Grand-Popo, Benin. Its task is to build a bridge between Finnish and African artists and cultural figures. You will also drive 45 minutes to visit the Python Temple in Ouidah where it houses over 60 Pythons. These Pythons are revered and worshiped. You can choose to have a snake coiled around your neck or just watch them from a distance. 

After activities in Ouidah and having a good lunch, you will drive about 35 minutes to Cotonou. In Cotonou, you will visit the Dantokpa Market to see how people trade in one of West Africa’s open markets and if you still have time, you will visit some more interesting things before you head to your hotel for a good rest at your beachside accommodation. Overnight in Cotonou

Day 11- Cotonou 

Today you will have some time at the beachside with your guide to relax a little bit from all the drives and walks or talk about other activities around Benin. In the early evening, you will visit some places to see how the people around the village engage in their fishing activities. You will head back to your hotel, have dinner and if possible, spend some time out to see the nightlife in Cotonou. Overnight in Cotonou

Day 12- Cotonou, Benin – Ghana, Ada

Early today you will pack your bags and leave Benin to Ghana driving about 5 hours to Ada Foah located on the Estuary where the Volta River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Here in Ada, you will enjoy various waterspouts from speed boats to sailing, canoeing to kayaking or surfing for the brave hearts. Enjoy a clean, long and sunny beach or visit Aflive, a nice village on the big island just opposite Ada Foah and try some of the locally distilled gin locally termed as “apateshie”. Overnight in Ada.

Day 13 Ada – Accra

Today you will leave Ada Foah on a 2 hours drive to Accra. In Accra, you will visit the Art Market for your souvenir shopping. Your Grassroot Tour guide will bid you farewell before dropping you off at the airport or your final destination.