Car Rentals in Tamale

Our car rentals services are available in all of Ghana. Wherever you are in all the administrative regions of Ghana, as long as you're on Ghanaian soil, we have you covered. Our car rentals services in the Northern region are available in the following locations: Tamale Central Market, Mole National Park, Mognori Eco-village and Laribanga Mosque.

The available vehicles are:

 CAR TYPE                                    PRICES             EXCLUSIVE

  • Sedan Car                               GHS 600               Fuel
  • Pickup Truck                         GHS 750                Fuel
  • Multi-person Vehicle           GHS 100o               Fuel
  • Small minibus                      GHS 1500                Fuel
  • 4x4 off-road Vehicles.          GHS 1000               Fuel
  • .Toyota Prado SUV               GHS 1000               Fuel
  • Toyota Prado Self-Drive     GHS 1400.                Fuel
  • Large executive Coaches     GHS 4000               Fuel

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