7 Days Guided Tour to Northern Ghana

You will be offered the opportunity to visit many interesting places in one week. You'll get to do a lot of interesting activities like hiking, birding, and wildlife sightings just as you visit sites of historical, cultural, and traditional relevance. You will get to interact with people from this part of the world and make some new friends probably. We at Grassroots Tours are ready to fill up all of your time with these fun-filled activities. It is now a question of how ready you are.

Day 1: Accra - Tamale

The first thing you will do on your arrival is to have a tour of Tamale. Our tour guides will take you around to visit the Tamale central market, the central mosque, and the leather making site.

Day 2: Tamale - Tongo - Bolgatanga

Arise with the sun to pay a visit to the Tongo shrine. This shrine is believed to impart prosperity, good luck, and protection to its visitors. The region is blessed with unique geographical formations like natural caves and granite rock formations. Tongo is as well a home to some architectural beauties that will drop your jaw. Afterward, you will visit Bolgatanga market where you'll get to meet new people, learn and laugh with these people.

Day 3: Bolgatanga - Sirigu - Paga - Bolgatanga

Depart Bolgatanga in the morning to visit Sirigu, a place popular for its prowess in craftsmanship. The people of Sirigu excel wonderfully in the arts of pottery, basket weaving, and symbolic wall decorations. You will meet people from this region and learn some more interesting tricks and facts about these crafts. Afterward, you will visit Paga. At Paga, you will be awed by the way they treat their crocodiles. Because crocodiles are believed to have traditional significance to the people, they treat the crocodiles with the utmost respect. The crocodiles don't even have to hunt before eating on some occasions because the people of Paga sacrifice fowls to them on these occasions. You will return to Bolgatanga for the night to prepare for the next day.

Day 4: Bolga - Mole National Park

Arrive at Mole National Park in time to join in the driving safari where you will go wildlife sighting. You will see animals like buffaloes, warthogs, elephants, antelopes and hundreds of birds in varying species. You will settle for the night at Mole National Park where you get to witness the beauty of the sunset from the awesome viewpoints at the Mole Motel.

Day 5: Mole National Park - Mognori Eco-village

You will visit Mognori eco-village as early as possible so that you can take part in the guided walk and the canoe safari. From here, you will go to Laribanga to visit the oldest mosque in West Africa. The mosque that was built in 1421 and still standstill today.

Day 6: Mole to Wechiau- Mole

A visit will be paid to Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary on this day. Wechiau is one of the best parks in the country and the only one where hippos can be found in all of Ghana. In addition to seeing these hippos, you'll get to see some more wildlife. You will spend the night back at Mole Motel.

Day 7: Mole - Tamale

An early 2 hours of safari walking is the first thing you get to do before departing for the airport at Tamale for your departure.