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Ghana Car Rental

24th February 2020
Tours In Ghana

What You Need to Know About Transportation and Car Rental as a Tourists in Ghana

Transportation is one of the most vital aspects of touring the wonderful sceneries of this world and in a country. You can’t just walk to the places you want to visit in a country. This is because you might not even know how far those must-visit places on your bucket list are from your home or hotel much less decide to walk to those places.

You need to transport yourself there on wheels, by boat or via an airplane. Some tourists, after they’ve arrived in the tour country, rent a vehicle and use a map, mostly google map, to navigate their way through the city or to the places that they want to visit. Alternatively, most travelers use the services of a tourism company like Grassroot Tours which has various transportation and car rental options for individuals and group tours.

Transportation in Ghana

When you go to Rome, you have to do what the Romans do. This old well-known adage applies to quite a number of things including the type of transportation you have to use when you go to another country whether as a tourist or for business purposes.

Sometimes you would wish that you get to use that particular train, car, bike, airplane or even the gondola lift that you enjoyed using the last time you had a thrilling adventure in another country. But you can only use the available source of transportation that is in the country that you find yourself.

Fortunately, the world is so advanced to such an extent that you can find almost every type of transportation including various types of cars, trains, bikes, airplanes that are conducive to be used by a traveler in every country. The same applies to Ghana.

Luckily all the Ghana tourist attractions you will visit including the wildlife sanctuaries can be accessed by one or more types of transportation.

There are times that Grassroot Tours will help you plan your trip with the sort of transportation that may not be included in our tour packages. Most of the places that we send tourists can only be visited with a vehicle. You’ll later find out in this article the type of vehicles you can use depending on the terrain of the place you will be visiting. You’ll get to know what types of vehicles you can choose from if you’re the only one visiting the tourist attractions, or you’re in a group.

First off, it is a step in the right direction to know the types of transportation that are used in Ghana. This will help you know which options are available to you and what means of transport to use for whichever place you decide to visit when you are in Ghana.

These are the vehicles and means of transportation available in Ghana:
• Ride-hailing services like Uber, Bolt, and Yango
• Taxis
• Mini-buses called “trotro” by the locals which are the most used form of transport
• Buses
• Rental Cars used by travelers
• Bicycles and Tricycles
• Local flights

Ride-Hailing Services like Uber, Bolt, Yango

Just like you can use ride-hailing services like Uber and Bolt in your country, you can also use it in Ghana to get to wherever you are going. This might not get you to places outside the city but at least you can visit most sceneries within the city with this.


These are mostly sedans and other smaller cars with designated yellow license plates that are used as a means of public transport within cities and towns in Ghana. You either share the ride with others or decide to bear all the cost of the ride.

Mini Buses “trotro”

These are vans that have been converted to passenger vehicles. This is one of the major sources of transportation for Ghanaians. It usually seats about 14 people or more at a time. It’s one of the most affordable for the locals. It could also be described as a relatively cheap means of transport which is widely used in Ghana. They are mostly used within the city and for intercity commuting.


These vehicles are the preferred means of transport for most of the population when they have to travel over a long distance. You’ll find locals using this means of transport mainly when they’re traveling over a distance of about 70+ miles. So for a tourist, you’ll have this as part of your options of traveling when you have to visit a tourist attraction site which is in another region or one that is several miles from the capital of Ghana.

Local flights

There are instances that you’ll prefer to use an airplane instead of going by road. This is possible to just some selected locations in Ghana. And you can only fly to the regional airports of the selected few locations. Among the list of places that you can access an airport in Ghana are Accra, Kumasi, Sunyani, Tamale, and Takoradi. If any of the tourist attractions you want to visit are in one of these locations, you’ll have to go by road after you’ve flown to the airport.

Why You Need to Rent a Car

Nobody ever visited mount Everest by walking from their home to the peak of the mountain. Definitely, if you really want to visit any country that has wonderful sceneries which you’ve always had on your bucket list then there’s got to be a means of transport to carry you to the place.

To visit the wonderful sceneries that Ghana has, you first have to pick a flight from your country to Accra, the capital of Ghana. And because whichever place you want to visit in the country isn’t located at the Kotoka International Airport, your first point of entry in Ghana, you and your tour guide have to plan your means of transportation. This should include how you’re going to get to all the places you would like to visit before you leave Ghana back to your wonderful home.

Types of Cars Available

You will need to rent a car that will take you to the tourist attraction sites you want to see in Ghana in order to create wonderful memories. There are all types of cars including sedans and SUVs that you can choose from. Whatever vehicle you think will give you the kind of comfort you are looking for, Grassroot Tours will help you secure that.

Maybe you wouldn’t want to join public transport to any of the cities, regions or countryside where the tourist attraction you want to visit is located. If that’s the case then you have a variety of options of vehicles you can pick from. No matter your budget, there’s a vehicle that will suit your needs and provide you the kind of comfort that you need.

These are the types of cars that Grassroot Tours currently provide its cherished travelers:
• Sedan
• Pickup truck
• 4×4 off-road vehicles
• Toyota Prado SUV
• Small minibus
• Multipurpose vehicle
• Large executive coaches

Though as a traveler it will be best to choose the kind of vehicle that you want, but based on where you would want to visit and your reason for visiting, Grassroot Tours as your tour agency will make recommendations.

For instance, if you are visiting a park for research or educational purposes and you have heavy camera equipment, we’ll suggest you use the kind of vehicle with enough seating and enough room for all your camera equipment while still providing you with enough comfort.

If you’re in a group then it will be best to go in a small minibus or big bus that is big enough to give each person maximum comfort and still keep your luggage, equipment and whatever gadget you would like to bring along the tour.

4×4 off-road vehicles and SUVs are the best vehicles to use when you’re going to natural parks. These are recommended because they are strong enough to maneuver the terrain of such tourist attraction sites. There are some small mini-buses that are strong enough for such terrains when you’re going as a group. Get in touch with Grassroot Tours to know if where you are going will require an off-road vehicle.

The car rental services of Grassroot Tours can be accessed in every region that has a tourist attraction in Ghana. Since we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction, we make sure that we take into consideration every special need that may require you to use a certain type of vehicle for all your sight-seeing in Ghana.

Sedans are mostly used when the tourist attractions you want to see are within the city.

Kindly bear in mind that none of the public transports in Ghana goes straight to a particular tourist attraction so you’ll definitely have to use the car rental service provided by Grassroot Tours.

Ghana Car RentalAre the Cars on Our Rental Service Insured?

YES! Grassroot Tours has insurance for all the cars that we make available to valued customers and tourists like you. Your safety is our concern so not only do we make sure the cars’ insurance are valid and up to date, but we also make sure that the cars are well maintained.

Because our cars are extensively used, maintenance is a top priority to ensure that the cars do not break down in the middle of your tour and they provide maximum safety during the time you use it.


As a tour agency, we don’t only offer our car rental services to tourist attractions, we also provide car rentals to people going for seminars and conferences. Also if you will stay in the country much longer after checking off all tourist attractions on your list, you can also rent a car that will help you move around more easily in the country.

For whatever reason you have moved to Ghana, we will help you move around the city and country as well as the tourist attraction sites with ease and comfort. Contact Grassroot Tours and let’s reserve the best vehicle that will serve you better and make your stay in the country more enjoyable as well as make your tour experience the best you’ve had until now.