Group Tours to Ghana West Africa

Group Tours to Ghana West Africa

At Grassroots Tours, we organize our tours for travelers in groups because it is generally easier and cost effective. We have three group options which are divided according to the size of the group.

  • Small Group Tours: This is oftentimes a group of fewer than 10 people. Small groups like this are easier for tour guides to watch over. This way, the tourists can have more time to spend with the tour guides and to spend at the tourist destinations.
  • Medium Group Tours: This group consists of 10 to 20 people.
  • Large Group Tours: The usually has more than 20 people.

What are the benefits of these groups?
It is cost-effective: Like in many other businesses, trading in large numbers always comes with some level of discounts. Apart from that, it is safer and cheaper to travel in groups than individually.
Questions and Answer Periods: This is the time when the tourists get to discuss what they have experienced in the day and make suggestions and offer new ideas. This also serves as a bonding time for the tourists.
New Relationships are formed: In large gatherings, it is more likely to make new friends and bond with old ones. The tourists will have experiences that will bring them closer, resulting in long-lasting friendships.


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