Volunteer in Northern Ghana

Ghana is a well-populated country with stable political conditions. Ghanaians are known to be one of the friendliest people on the continent and it is only natural for them to welcome you with open arms at the sight of you. However, everyone needs help in some way or the other. Like in many other African countries, Ghana has some schools and orphanages that could use some extra hands to help mold her young ones into responsible adults.

If you are planning to stay in Ghana for a while and you decide to put in some humanitarian works while you're there, Ghana has some places to help put your skills to use. You can impart knowledge on little kids at schools if you choose or you may decide to help raise kids at an orphanage. Because these are merely humanitarian services, you might not be rewarded in cash but you'll definitely be rewarded in kind. There are some nice incentives that have been put in place as Ghana's little way of showing appreciation for your services. We at Grassroots Tours are proud to say that we partner, support and sometimes sponsor some of these projects that offer accommodation, education and guidance to the underprivileged kids.


Volunteer As A Teacher in Ghana

If you would love to help build young minds by taking them on joyful rides down the way of education, teaching is for you. You will be required to teach lessons in one of Ghana's partner schools. These schools are often understaffed and underfunded so you really shouldn't expect any state of the art equipment or tools for teaching. However, the eagerness of the little children to learn and the wide smiles that are always plastered on their little, cute faces are enough to convince you to stay with them.

What's you are required to do?

If you are a teacher or a teaching student and you have chosen to help teach these kids, then you have made a wonderful choice. Depending on you area of expertise, you may he required to teach English, Mathematics or any science subject. Your enthusiasm would really come in handy because it gives the kids the confidence to ride on the wings of your knowledge. You should also be prepared participate in their sports and games as this will help the kids to get familiar with you.

Will you be supported?

Of course, all of the help and support you need will be given to you. You wouldn't even need to ask before they offer them. However, we advise our volunteer teachers to quickly get settled in the classes and with the students as quickly as they can. You can decorate your classroom if it suits you. Volunteer teachers are also given the opportunity to handle their classes as they wish long as it causes no physical, emotional or psychological harm to the students. Your class, your rules.

Talking about incentives

As mentioned earlier, you may not be rewarded in cash. However, there have been provisions made to appreciate you and to help encourage you. There are excursions to National Parks and places or activities of cultural relevance. We hope you accept our token of appreciation in good faith.

Volunteer With Orphanages in Ghana

Helping to raise the kids can be fulfilling. Extra hands are always welcome and appreciated at our orphanages.

What we need you to do?

You'll be placed in strategic places where you'll be able to help raise underprivileged kids. Some of these kids may not necessarily be orphan, but they are there because their parents are unable to take care of them for some reasons. Whatever the case may be, you will be needed to put in your best in helping these kid grow to be responsible adults. You will be required to help organize educational, games and fun activities. You will also be required to take part in some practical chores like laundry, cooking, dish washing, gardening and painting.

Talking about incentives

Like your teacher counterparts, there will be excursions to many interesting places in the country where you can relax and have some fun.