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Akwaaba to Ghana! This 8-day Tour is specifically designed to affirm you have a completely exciting tour ranging from Cultural and Heritage, Historical and Educational. You will visit Ghana’s Capital and the Coastal belt, Cape Coast and Elmina Castles, Traditional Naming Ceremony, Kakum National Park, Afrochella Activities, Boat Cruise Party on the lake, and many more.

Day 1 – Accra Arrival

Your guide will meet you at the arrivals at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra for safe transport to your hotel in a comfortable bus. After refreshment and a welcome drink, the group will be taken through an orientation to know their way around, dos and don’ts of Ghana.

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DAY 2- – Accra City Tour

Your tour today will show you around this beautiful city in Ghana. You will tour and explore the Jamestown Lighthouse, Independence Square, Kwame Nkrumah

Mausoleum, The Makola Market, W.E.B Du Bois Center,

This morning you will be picked up by your guide at your location in Accra and head to Jamestown. Being one of the earliest communities in the city of Accra, developed in the 19th century, and following the rapid growth of the city during the 20th century, they became a community of a substantial

mixture of economic and residential use. You will also have the chance to visit the lighthouse and fishing harbor.

Your next place is the Makola Market, an eminent marketplace and shopping center in Accra. Here, you will see people mostly women, trading in wholesale and retail products. This is an opportunity to grab some outfits for the AFROCHELLA EVENTS. You will also visit the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, the final resting place of Ghana’s first President. The museum anchors extraordinary work relating to Ghana’s independence and tours at the park gives you a comprehensive history of the struggle for independence.

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Day 3- Afrochella Festival

Today, you will have access to the event for AFROCHELLA Festival where there will be so much fun with several events taking place coupled with music, celebrations, arts, and many more.[metaslider id=3846]

Accommodation in Accra

Accommodation in Accra

Day 5- New Year’s Activities

Day 4- Boat Cruise in Akosombo, New Year’s Eve

Today the group will head to Akosombo. Another exhilarating day to have in Ghana as you cruise on a boat with some Afro songs accompanied by drinks. Trust me, it is not a dull moment. After passing through the beautiful Adomi Bridge, you will drive back to Accra and prepare for the night. There will be fireworks with fun as the group will turn up for an all-night party in the city.

There is no time to rest in Ghana as the fun continues today. Being a new year, there will be power-packed activities from parties to food tasting, to dance competitions, and a lot more you will be surprised to see.

Day 6- Kakum National Park, Elmina Castle, and City Tour, Posuban Shrines,

Today is all about the adventure to Kakum National Park as you’ll get to walk on West Africa’s only rainforest canopy walkway that rises to 40 meters above the forest floor-crossing 5 bridges. You will be given a tour of the forest to teach you the cultural, medicinal, and economic

importance of the plants you’ll find in the forest. You will drive back to Elmina and do a tour of Elmina Castle. Very close to Elmina Castle is Fort San Jago. The first European building on this hill was a Portuguese church dedicated to St. Jago. In 1637 the Dutch used the hill as a gun position to bombard and take Elmina Castle from the Portuguese. To prevent others from using

the same tactic the Dutch built a fortified earthwork on the hill the next year. Lastly for the day, you will visit the Posuban shrines. Posuban shrines are a regular feature of the Fante region of Ghana’s central coast. Any town, almost regardless of size, will possess at least a few such shrines, which are often decorated with cryptic symbols or statues. The fishing harbor and the community tour continue. There will be mixed feelings at the end of the emotional tour. You will spend a night in Elmina today.

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Day 7- Cape Coast Castle, Assin Manso Slave River, Naming Ceremony

This morning you will visit the Cape Coast Castle which was known as Cabo Corso,’ meaning ‘short cape is the name the Portuguese settled on for the local settlement within which its trade lodge was built in 1555. Its corruption to ‘Cape Coast’ is now the accepted name of the capital of the Central Region of Ghana. The Swedes, led by
Krusenstjerna, however, were the initiators of the permanent
structure presently known as Cape Coast Castle. They built a fort
in 1653 and named it Carlousburg, after King Charles X of
Sweden. After a tour of this historical place, you will continue
on a drive to a nearby village where a traditional naming
ceremony will be held. Each person from the group will have
their name, date of birth, and day born given to the elders in the
village. The elder’s queen mothers will then come out with your
African name coupled with some celebrations and activities. You will also visit the Assin Manso slave river to see where slaves had their last baths before they were transported to the castles to be shipped. You will drive back to Accra for more fun actions.

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Day 8- Last Shopping, Labadi Beach Farewell Party, Departure

This is your last day to say goodbye to all the fun in Ghana. You will go shopping for souvenirs this morning for friends and family and upon return, there is a farewell party at Labadi beach. You will leave the beach to your hotel and prepare for departure tonight.

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