Sandy Beaches To Safariland

3rd May 2024
Tours In Ghana
Embark on an unforgettable Journey with Grassroot Tours.
From the picturesque sandy Beaches in the enchanting south to the safariland of the north, immerse yourself in the diverse beauty and culture of Ghana with Grassroot Tours
Day 1: Arrival in Accra
– Arrive in Accra, the capital city of Ghana
– Check into a beachfront resort in Labadi
– Explore Labadi Beach and enjoy the sunset
Day 2: Cape Coast
– Travel to Cape Coast
– Visit Cape Coast Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site
– Relax on the beautiful beaches of Cape Coast
Day 3: Kakum National Park
– Explore Kakum National Park
– Enjoy a canopy walk through the rainforest
– Spot wildlife and vibrant bird species
Day 4: Elmina
Visit Elmina Castle, another historical slave trade site
– Stroll through the bustling fishing market
– Relax on Elmina Beach
Day 5: Busua
– Travel to Busua, a relaxed beach town
– Try surfing or paddleboarding
– Enjoy fresh seafood at beachfront restaurants
Day 6: Tamale
– Fly to Tamale in the northern region
– Explore the vibrant markets and mosques
– Experience traditional Ghanaian dance and music performances
Day 7: Mole National Park
– Visit Mole National Park for a safari adventure
– Spot elephants, antelopes, and maybe even a leopard
– Stay at the Mole Motel overlooking a watering hole
Day 8: Larabanga
– Visit Larabanga Mosque, the oldest mosque in Ghana
– Explore the ancient mystique and history of the village
– Stay in a traditional guesthouse
Day 9: Return to Accra
– Fly back to Accra
– Visit the Arts Centre for local crafts and souvenirs
– Enjoy a farewell dinner at a popular Ghanaian restaurant
Day 10: Departure
– Bid farewell to Ghana with beautiful memories and newfound experiences