Ghana Heritage Tours

Ghana is a country that is abundantly endowed with a wealth of culture, tradition and history. Her people tell her tales with warmth and friendliness. Ghana has deep roots in history as its origins can be traced back about two thousand years, the times of the ancient Ghanaian empire. This empire was prominent for being successful in businesses and trades. It formed peaceful trade relationships with other African countries, with ivory, salt, gold and kola nuts as some of its most priced resources. As a matter of fact, Ghana was formerly known as Gold coast before it was later renamed to be Ghana, which it bears till date.

Ghana has a lot of rich history to tell to foreigners and her children because it partook of the great historical movements of those days, such as slave trade and colonialism. These movements may not all have had sweet beginnings and fairytale endings, but they have formed a great part of the country's history.

Today, Ghana now boasts of many profitable trade markets, sites and landmarks that serve as evidence of history, long lasting cultures and traditions that are punctuated with unique songs, events, attires and dances and beautiful relaxation centers.

List of Ghana Heritage Tours Locations

Let us share of these experiences with you through our exciting and educative tours to the following locations.

Ghana Panafest Tours (Pan-Africanism)

This festival is hosted in Ghana every two years with the sole aim of promoting peace, unity and development among Africans and people of African descents. The festival is popular for its rich celebration of the many different cultures in Africa. It often involves dances, dramas and other activities that celebrate many traditions and it brings other forgotten cultures back to memory. This festival is without doubt one of the few activities that stands to truly celebrate Africa with the aim of African development, peace and harmony.

Ghana Emancipation Tours

Ghana sets the pace here by being the first African country to join in this celebration. This is a celebration of fashion, art and culture in the contemporary times. Here, we will guide you through the dark tunnels of slavery and bring you out through the ends of freedom. You can also receive traditional names according to a culture that has been existing for a long time. The Emancipation Tours is always an interesting festival that celebrates freedom from slavery.

Ghana Arts and Crafts Tours

Today, Ghana is a home of commerce and trades and her strategic geographic location makes her well positioned for international trades. Let us take you on a visit to those places that are responsible for Ghana's success in trades and commerce. We will take you to see the fishermen, creative artists, Craftsmen, bakers many more. We'll watch them do the magic that they do with their hands to make beautiful and interesting objects for trades and commerce.

Ghana Architecture Tours

History has gifted Ghana with many great architectural wonders like colonial homes and castles from the times of European colonization. Many cities in the country like Accra, Cape Coast town and many others have these architectural wonders and we will take you to see them.

Ghana Slave History Tours

The times of slavery mark unforgettable moments in the history of Africa as a whole; a dark history which Ghana also took part of. There are many castles and forts in all of Ghana that serve as evidence of those dark times. We will show you these castles and the dungeons where slaves were cruelly kept in Elmina and Cape Coast Castle. You will learn a lot about the slave history of the country and her slow, yet steady walk to freedom.