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  • $2,740.00 10 Days Savannah Region Tour

    14 Days Wildlife & Culture

    This 14 days safari, wildlife and culture Tour takes you to the length and breath of Ghana. Core highlights will be the Wli waterfalls, mole national park, Kumasi and cape coast tours

  • $580.00 Sale! 3 Day Mole Safari Tour by Grassroot Tours

    3 Day Mole Safari Tour

    Enjoy once in a lifetime 3 days walking safari and game drive viewing at Mole National Park, Larabanga and Mognori Eco Village. 

  • $780.00 Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary

    4 Day Mole Safari & Wechiau Hippos Tour

    This 4-day tour of Mole national park and Wechiau Hippos emphasizes on safari and wildlife, culture, and people. Apart safari, enjoy the beautiful scenery at Wechiau hippo and breathtaking landscape at mole national park. Grassroot Tours  is here to make your experience a memorable one.