Our Story

Grassroots Tours is a licensed community-based travel and Tour company, we are base in Tamale with a goal of helping the local community while providing memorable tours to visitors to Ghana. We practice responsible tourism and keep all earned revenue in Ghana, spreading it widely throughout the community. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail, highly competent staff with the ability to deliver on our promises ensuring all our guest experience a holiday of a lifetime. Our tours offer, Wildlife, Heritage, Cultural and Historical, vehicle renting and Hiking to our clients. Whether it is for one or more participants, we can combine our tours for groups, families or individuals. Our tours can be tailor made to meet all budgets and requirements. Being committed to responsible tourism, we are passionately concerned with the conservation and protection of Ghana’s wildlife, cultural and historical monuments and are committed to ensuring local economies benefit from our activities. Grassroots Tours was established by Michael Dankwa, and it remains, his wish to share his interest, curiosity and pride in his beautiful country with others.