Nightlife & Romance

Nightlife & Romance in Ghana

Ghana is an exciting place for enjoying nightlife and romance. We have hosted birthdays, honeymoons, anniversaries and even a video crew for the Dutch television program Vakantieliefdes (Holiday Love), featuring a lady in love with a Ghanaian gentleman.

And if your interest is in party nights, beach bonfire celebrations and dancing the night away, we know where to take you. Of course the cities have the most varied nightlife scene, but you will find friendly people in a mood to celebrate life in even the smallest villages.

Nightlife in Accra and other cities is quite lively during weekends and around holidays. Through the week, different venues will have different size crowds, and the party seems to move from one location to another suddenly. There are definitely some standout long-standing venues that we recommend.

Some have cozy lobbies and bars that set the mood for a good evening. The Osu area is by far the swingiest part of Accra for entertainment. Many of Accra's best nightclubs can be found here. All night dancing takes place around Kwame Nkrumah Circle, the part of the city that never sleeps. You can get almost anything here at any time of the day or the night. Many other neighborhoods, such as Abeka, La Paz, Asylum Down, Adabraka, Teshie-Nungua, Bukom and Ransoming all have a variety of nightspots and joints that offer great entertainment and dancing to recorded and live music.



Our favorite area for nightlife is in our back yard in the Easy Track neighborhood. There are a number of relaxed spots where you are welcome as an Easy Track guest and can socialize with locals in a safe environment away from the tourist circuit.

In Accra, weekends prove to be the biggest nights for parties, with large clubs like Aphrodisiac and Tantra pulling in crowds of Ghanaians and visitors, there are many spots that satisfy the urge to party. Rooftop spots like Epo's Night Club are also popular, where cool breezes from the Gulf of Guinea can be enjoyed.

Another fun place is also called the Container is just opposite that Papaye fast food center in Osu, this is also a very popular place where both visitors and Ghanaians mingle to dance, have fan and also make new friends. Chester's is a long-standing fun club.

Pictured to the left is the exclusive and chic Citizen Kofi nightclub where you should dress to impress.


There is no shortage of nightlife in Ghana's second largest city! The city of Kumasi is full of nightclubs, movie centres, party spots, and fun street venues.

The streets of the Bantama neighborhood especially High Street are said to never sleep. Check the long-standing Fox Trap, or Cafe Maserati, the Genesis Night Club, or Yegoala are all fun dance clubs. The classy Kiravi Night Club is a great Saturday night disco and has won the number one night club award in Ghana for three consecutive years.


SPOTS along the COAST
The coastal areas of Ghana see so many visitors that there always seems to be a party somewhere along the beach in the evening.

This beach village near Accra is sleepy through the week, but on weekends there is always a party!

This is one of Ghana's most beautiful beaches and is home to backpackers' lodges as well as upscale resorts. There are a number of places to enjoy an evening on the beach or at a rooftop bar.

These are beach villages that are east of Accra, with Prampram being the closer location at just under an hour drive. Both are popular with people escaping Accra for the weekend.



Nothing is more special than the love between two people, and we love providing special getaways for honeymoons or anniversaries. Whether it be a short Volta River honeymoon or a long and relaxing anniversary celebration at a beach resort, Ghana has the correct environment for you and your love to enjoy being with each other in a memorable location.