Day Trips From Accra

You may already be in Ghana attending a conference, business meeting or visiting friends and family with a limited time frame to travel, if so our day trips are perfect for you. Our half and full day excursions are designed to suit all interests and budgets.

Our private day trips at 8am and ends at 6pm. Michael the guide is always enthusiastic with the best solutions to ensure you enjoy a day trip.

Accra City Tour

A tour of Accra can include many points. Independence Square, Makola Market and the Jamestown lighthouse give a good flavor of the city. Memorials include the Kwame Nkrumah memorial celebrating the first president of a free Ghana and the W.E.B. DuBois center celebrating the famous pan-Africanist.

Nightclubs, beaches and markets are also popular, while the National Museum and the National Theater preserve our history and art.

                                          Cape Coast Tour

The former slave castle at Cape Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage site commemorating a sad history inflicted on Africa, and Ghana in particular. This is about a 3 hour drive from Accra, so it is possible as a day trip from Accra. An early departure from Accra will also permit a visit to Kakum National Park to enjoy West Africa's longest rain forest canopy walkway. The crocodile ponds at Hans Botel can be visited before returning to Accra. This is by far the most requested tour for a short visit.

Beach Day

La Beach is a popular beach at the western edge of Accra. While visiting there, you could also go shopping for crafts at the International Trade Fair and visit one of the exotic coffin shops that are in this area. Further afield is Kokrobite beach, about a half-hour drive from Accra. It is a very laid-back hippie/Rasta beach town that gets very busy on weekends. Lots of beach relaxation, craft shopping, music and food can be enjoyed.


Both Boti Falls and Akaa Falls are in the Eastern Region, close to Accra. A visit to Boti could also include a moderate-strenuous hike to Umbrella Rock for spectacular views. We can also visit the rarely visited and serene environment at Asenema Falls.




Accra City Tour

Tour to Cape Coast

Boti Waterfalls Tour

Highlands and Forest Above Accra

Beach Day