Private Day Trips from Tamale

Private DayTrips From Tamale

You may already be in Ghana attending a conference, business meeting or visiting friends and family with a limited time frame to travel, if so our day trips are perfect for you. Our half and full day excursions are designed to suit all interests and budgets.

Our private day trips starts at 8am right opposite STC station and ends at 6pm. Michael the guide is always enthusiastic with the best solutions to ensure you enjoy a day trip.

1.Mole National park Safari: seek adventure in Ghana’s largest wildlife refuge (Mole national park). The park is located in northwest Ghana on grassland savanna and riparian ecosystems. Mole is host of more than 300 mammals and some 316 species of bird recorded. Mole is by far the most popular tourist attraction in the northern half of Ghana. The park is 146km or 2 and half hour’s drive from the capital Tamale.

Few visitors to Mole would want to miss out on seeing Laribanaga Mosque, which is not only a masterpiece of west Sudanese architecture, but also an important pilgrimage site for local followers of Islam.

Day trip starts from Tamale and we drive in very safe and comfortable 4x4 SUV’s with very good drivers and enthusiastic local guide

What You Will Do

  • Drive safari guided by a game ranger in mole national park where you   get to see animals in their natural habitat.
  •  Visit the larabanga ancient mosque, it is the oldest mosque in west Africa  build in 1421

1.Day Trip to Mognori Eco-village: Commute to northern Ghana, where you may begin your eco-village experience. Here you may learn of our peoples ties to nature and observe how it has shaped our culture. With the help of a guide, you can opt to join and interact in village activities, and choose to watch us perform our traditional dances and rhythms, otherwise, be the one to embark on a canoeing adventure on the mole river, in search for the local wildlife of this vast region.


What You Will Do

  • Canoe safari on the mole river is a good location to spot birds,antelopes while you enjoy the beauty of nature
  • Traditional village guided walk,participate in Shea butter processing and also meet the legendary traditional medicine man

3. Tamale city Tour: Tamale is the capital city of the Northern region of Ghana mostly inhabited by the Mole-Dagomba linguistics group. The city is home to about 400,000 people. It is a nodal city that serves as the commercial capital of the three northern regions. It is one city in Ghana where one can find an architectural blend of traditional slum and modern buildings with a hospitable people with a great respect for their traditional and political system. The Tamale airport has now been upgraded to the status of an international airport, with all the necessary facilities easing transportation from south to north.

Sognayili Shea butter processing site is located at the suburb north of Tamale and a 20 minutes drive from the city center by tricycle motorbike (Tuc tuc). You can learn and experience handcrafted Shea butter manufacturing process from our local women, don’t forget to purchase some butter it is very good for moisturizing the hair and skin.

Visit a local traditional settlement in Datoyili and get to experience the life style of the locals and the architecture.

A tour to the Tamale art market provides excellent examples of vibrant artistry, quality craftsmanship and culture experience. Learn how to bargain from your guide and purchase some of the coolest souvenirs for family and friends

       What You Will Do

  • Visit the sognayili shea butter processing site

  • Village guided walk of Datoyili settlement 

  • Tour at the Tamale art and craft market